Thursday, June 16, 2011

Good stuff I'm recently in love with

Watched "Last Orders" recently and it is a lovely, lovely movie with Michael Caine, Helen Mirren, Bob Hoskins, Tom Courtenay and two more British actors I didn't know. I recommend it.

Watched the entire season four of Mad Men in six evenings and now have to wait a year for season five. Sigh.

Am watching BBCs Hamish Macbeth series. A tad disappointing. Out of loyalty to the books I'll keep watching and the Scottish highlands are beautiful and make it worthwhile.

Am watching season three of "Burn Notice" and love, love, love it. Yes, it is violent. It is also a series where really evil guys have pretty awful things happen to them and I love it. I like to imagine similar endings for the truly awful and treasonous Republican members of Congress.
You know, folks like Inhofe and Coburn who are working (and praying together) to overthrow our government and replace it with a christianist theocracy. Doesn't that qualify as treason?

And finally, I have discovered Balloon Juice, a splendid blog written by several amazingly coherent and articulate people. John Cole owns the blog and he lives with two small dogs and a very large cat named Tunch. Tunch is shaped a lot like the Muffin and is all white. My readers all know that The Muffin is an obese white cat with one calico ear and a calico tail who has been on a diet for nearly three years. She has lost nine pounds and I've lost years off my life from listening to her scream for food twice a day.

Balloon Juice is marked by humor, intelligence, political savvy, and a bunch of other good stuff but it's late and I'm too tired to enumerate all its good qualities. Just read it and enjoy. Most of the commentors are worth reading. A few are tiresome or annoying, most are fun.