Saturday, September 24, 2011

Am I crazy? A monster?

Already the headlines are about the lawsuits blossoming over the air race crash. Does no one accept that sometimes bad things happen? That we don't have to assign blame and make money off that blame? Yes, it's tough losing relatives and friends. And sometimes we are quite innocently in the wrong place at the wrong time. Does that mean we have to sue someone? Are all societies as litigious as the US public?

Those folks chose to be at the air races, in harm's way. Yes, someone should pay the medical bills and someone should help out the families who may have lost a breadwinner (not that there is much bread to be won these days) but does it have to be through ugly lawsuits that will go on for years, enriching mostly the attorneys?

We lost a contractor in Carson Valley who leaves behind a wife and children. A fund has been set up in the community for donations. Social Security, which the sociopaths in Congress are attempting to eliminate, will help out a bit and one hopes that he had life insurance. And perhaps the wife can find a job or already has one. Unfortunately, it will be hard for the kids to get work to help out since the jobs formerly held by kids are now held by men and women in their fifties, sixties and seventies who need to eat and feed their families.

What if we didn't have Republicans fighting to destroy Social Security? What if Republicans weren't fighting to eliminate the fledgling health care plan? What if Republicans weren't working against an economy that could support all of us?

Dream on, old lady Democrat.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

What about my congress critters?

So, I have Representative Mark Amodei and Senator Dean Heller, two of the sheepiest of the sheep contingent in Congress. They have both signed Grover fucking Norquist's pledge to never vote for a raise in taxes, they are against everything moral, anything that might help the economy and they are brainwashed by being on the winning side in Nevada (this is a very depressing state) to think that what they've been taught to believe is upstanding Americanism at its finest. They are on the side of death-by-lack-of-insurance, joblessness, shoddy education, decaying infrastructure, and libertarianism light.

In my opinion, they should be tried for treason and when found guilty, executed. I don't believe in the death penalty so I shan't cheer when they are leaned against the wall and shot, but neither will I lament their passing. And they will lean, if they don't just outright fall to their knees shaking in terror, because they are disgusting cowards who think they are brave because they are with all the other sheep and the sheer numbers exhilarate them. Were they in the minority and expected to defend their positions in any sort of intelligent manner, they would mumble, choke and whine. And quite possibly, come to their senses and remember they were elected to govern, not obstruct.

Friday, September 16, 2011

“Do you believe seniors living in gutters is the future of ‘social security’?”

Rather than letting the Right frame the argument over Social Security by forcing the Left into a battle over semantics, the Left needs to refocus the issue to its core by asking the question, “Do you believe seniors living in gutters is the future of ‘social security’?”

I didn't say those things written above. Nicholas Wilbur on Muddy Politics wrote them and Angry Black Lady put them on Balloon Juice, my favorite blog.

His point is that we don't need to let the insane Republican presidential candidates frame this argument with their stupid Ponzi scheme bullshit.

"Social Security is a good program. It's not a retirement account, it's an anti-poverty program that provides some dignity to seniors."

Wilbur said that, too.

In other Republican insanity, Eric Cantor (gawd how I loathe him) tweeted: "While an all or nothing approach might make sense to some communicators, I hope the President realizes it would be better to work together."

As ABL wrote, you can't make this shit up. This, from the guy that runs the "No, by gawd, we won't" caucus?

I've already had to turn off my car radio. What's next? A nunnery?