Saturday, September 17, 2011

What about my congress critters?

So, I have Representative Mark Amodei and Senator Dean Heller, two of the sheepiest of the sheep contingent in Congress. They have both signed Grover fucking Norquist's pledge to never vote for a raise in taxes, they are against everything moral, anything that might help the economy and they are brainwashed by being on the winning side in Nevada (this is a very depressing state) to think that what they've been taught to believe is upstanding Americanism at its finest. They are on the side of death-by-lack-of-insurance, joblessness, shoddy education, decaying infrastructure, and libertarianism light.

In my opinion, they should be tried for treason and when found guilty, executed. I don't believe in the death penalty so I shan't cheer when they are leaned against the wall and shot, but neither will I lament their passing. And they will lean, if they don't just outright fall to their knees shaking in terror, because they are disgusting cowards who think they are brave because they are with all the other sheep and the sheer numbers exhilarate them. Were they in the minority and expected to defend their positions in any sort of intelligent manner, they would mumble, choke and whine. And quite possibly, come to their senses and remember they were elected to govern, not obstruct.

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