Thursday, November 1, 2012


When I arrived home tonight I surprised what looked to be about a dozen young robins.  I say young because they were fairly slender through the chest but I don't know that that means they were young. 

Googled "robin behavior" and found that in the spring robins forage for worms and other ground insects but in the fall they prefer hanging fruit such as that on crabapples and mountain ash.  The trees they flew away from as I approached were mountain ash and crabapples.  I have one ash and four crabapples so may see then around for a few days.

Most of the trees and shrubs around my house (approximately 130) were planted with wildlife in mind, for shelter or food or both.  I'm rewarded year round with many varieties of birds who come for fruit or seeds from weeds or perennials.  Several of the non-noxious weeds provide large numbers of seeds for the birds' delectation. 

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