Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Day 14

Feeling very content.  Salad and two organic beef (no mystery meats) hot dogs for dinner.  A beef stew is almost done for four meals tomorrow and Thursday.  Without the customary dredging of meat in flour the stew is more like an extremely thick soup.  Just as good.

Finished reading the text of Diane Sanfilippo's new book, Practical Paleo and am now reading every single recipe. 

This is the most informative of all the Paleo books I've read to date and I think that's close to 20.  Sanfilippo has a bachelor of science degree and is a certified nutrition counselor. 

She writes clearly, making hormones, digestive systems and parts, leaky guts, blood sugar regulation and poop understandable.

The book also has 30-day meal plans for folks dealing with autoimmune disease, high or low thyroid, weight loss, chemotherapy, blood sugar regulation and more.

Just realized I'm too tired to write more.  Am going to bed with my book.

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