Sunday, August 5, 2012

Day Five

A very good day today.  Very early this morning I could tell that things were better.  I was energetic and awake.  First time since July 31.

Had a lovely breakfast of scrambled eggs--Mary's fresh eggs from her coddled chickens, yolks a bright orange--and sliced tomato.  Missed lunch--a Whole30 no no but not bad enough to have me start the 30 days from the beginning.  Sugar or dairy would, however.

For dinner I sliced three chicken breasts for stir fry with onions and mushrooms.  Quite good, if I do say so and plenty of leftovers for a couple of lunches this week.  Tomorrow morning I start the beef stew in the crockpot.  A couple of dinners and lunches there. 

It's 9:07 p.m., I'm nodding off over the computer keyboard, so I'm going to bed. 

Slept better last night but not enough hours (5).  Perhaps I can change that tonight.

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