Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Day Eight

I've missed a couple of days blogging but not because I'm behind on the Whole30 Challenge.  Stuff came up, I did not remember I should post until I'd already shut down the computer.

I haven't cheated.  Not even by accident.  Not the tiniest speck of sweetener of any kind has passed my lips since July 31.  And not a single bit of dairy.  I did weigh myself this morning and have lost five pounds.  That infraction does not require that I start over with the Whole30 30 days.

I'm feeling great.  More energy, more upbeat, my sense of humor is coming back.  Pains in legs and hips have disappeared.  Concentration is good.  I think my thyroid medication is working better.  I have blood tests Aug. 20 and see Dr. Kriss Aug. 30 to discuss the results.

The cooking is going well.  It helps to have menus and a plan although the plans didn't go quite as I hoped.  Next week will be better.

Life is good at the casa in the Johnson Lane area.  I've lost a couple more trees (smaller ones) but am not certain if it's the dryness or that the irrigation lines aren't working as they should.  I'm going to replace them with sumac bushes which grow to be enormous globular  and beautiful shrubs and currants which provide berries for the birds.

We don't have as many birds on the property this year.  I do have a few robins who resent my walking on my porch.    It's how I get to and from the car so they have to put up with me.  They walk around on the ground, ignoring the three cats (who don't seem to give a damn that there are fat birds damn near walking up to them to rub beak to nose) and nibble at the chokecherries and currants.  The crab apples are just about ready to eat, the buffalo berries are close to peak sugar.  It's a moveable feast here.  I'm just sorry there aren't more feathered guys to enjoy it.  The apple tree is loaded and I need to check to see if they are ripening.  The quail go nuts for the ones on the ground and I think I remember some of the bigger birds showing up for the apples--mountain jays and magpies but I could be making that up so don't quote me.

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  1. So admire how you jump in and embrace change! Almost half way through the month already. How is the implementation of the austerity program coming along?